About us


Company "Feniks BB" was founded in 1990. During the past twenty years of successful business, it has firmly established its position as one of the leaders in the design and production of automatic control elements and systems in the heating, ventilation and conditioning industry field. The founder and owner is Mr. Bratislav Blagojević, PhD, professor on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Niš.

Various specializations of employees and their vast experience assure quality production and dynamical work environment. Continual professional education of employees and their day-to-day education are guarantee for company's development and permanent progress.

Partnerships with world's leading manufacturers, for example "Belimo AG" (electric actuators), "Funke GmbH" (plate heat exchangers), "Industrietechnik Srl" (switching elements) and "Actaris-Itron" (heat meters) are the base of the successful planning and implementing of complete and energy efficient district heating systems.

Operation and production in accordance to standards of the international quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and environmental management system ISO 14001:2004 ensure tip quality products and product maintenance and minimum impact on the environment.

In newly-built production complex in the city of Niš industrial zone provides ideal conditions for production improvement and widening of the product range, along with the marketing and sales activities and service and post-sales support.

The main direction of company development is applying modern knowledge and technology into production of automatic control elements, with the goal of overall reduction of energy consumption, as the prerequisite of the preservation of natural environment and resources and sustainable development

Feniks BB is regular participant in HVAC&R Congress and International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements in Belgrade, two of the most prestigious technical manifestations in region and Southeastern Europe and most important events in HVAC&R domain, and has received numerous awards for its products and overall contribution to HVAC&R field.


Production of elements and systems of automatic regulation with the aim of overall reduction of energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency in the systems of heating and air conditioning as the prerequisite of economic progress and sustainable development of the society. Special care is taken to assure meeting of the customer’s needs and requirements.


Company as a leading regional and state manufacturer of automatic regulation and control elements. Assuring product competitiveness and global market position through partnerships with world leading companies in the field.

Quality policy is the key document which represents company top management’s responsibility and commitment to actively implement and develop quality management system.

Quality policy must be fully implemented in the company for the following goals to be achieved:

  • conducting business conformably, and
  • securing consistent attitude toward customers, their representatives, suppliers and other interested parties.
Quality policy implementation means developing the mechanisms of its interpretation, transformation into measurable goals and defining the working procedures for achieving  these goals in the company


From it's beginings, Feniks BB is taking active part in International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements in Belgrade, the oldest show of Belgrade Fair. The International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements is member of the Global Association of Exibition Industry (UFI) and one of the most prestigeous technical manifestations in region an Southeastern Europe.

Grand prize „Step into the future“ has traditionally been awarded to the most successful exibitors on International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements in Belgrade,  for exibited top-level technological and technical solutions.

Grand prize „Step into the future“

for exibited top-level technological and technical solutions for
XF 5000 - microprocessor controller

54th Fair of Technique and
Technical Achievements,
May 2010. 

Grand prize „Step into the future“

for exibited top-level technological and technical solutions for
CENUS 3000 - monitoring and management system

40th Fair of Technique and
Technical Achievements,
April 1996. 

Award „Step into the future“

for exibited top-level technological and
technical solutions for

flow controller with
integrated control valve
- type KV

48th Fair of Technique and
Technical Achievements,
May 2004.

Award „Step into the future“

for the modem type XF GPRS-1
integrated into the system for remote monitoring
and management of heat substations
51st Fair of Technique and
Technical Achievements,
May 2007.

HVAC&R Congress

Feniks BB is regular participant in HVAC&R Congress in Belgrade, manifestation that was internationally recognized at the and of 1970s, and today is officially supported by the most significant institutions in HVAC&R field and stands as one of the most important events in this domain.
KGH award is the most important award in HVAC&R and accompanying fields, awarded by „KGH“ magazine to individuals, companies and institutions for extraordinary results in production, projecting, management and improvement, research and education in HVAC&R field.
Award history and awardees.

Feniks BB received this prestigious award, that can be awarded only once
per individual/institution, in 1997.

KGH award

for extraordinary contribution to HVAC&R field

28th International Congress
on Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning,
December 1997.

KGH medal  is an award by KGH magazine awarded to authors of extraordinary achievements in HVAC&R field, companies and institutions working in HVAC&R field for achieving extraordinary results in economic development, improving of work conditions, accepting and implementing worldwide business standards, rational production, energetic efficiency and ecological developments, authors of successful scientific articles published in domestic and foreign magasines or publications, and for lifetime engagement in HVAC&R field.
Award history and awardees.

Feniks BB recieved KGH medal in 2003.


References are fundamental part of successful company life.

Our working expirience and knowledge are the guarantee of quality and safety, and base for all future challenges.

In the following references, only the most significantand complex projects are listed.

Our equipment is integral part of heat substations in major

heating districts in Serbia:

- Pančevo (280)
- Požarevac (200)
- Čačak (140)
- Niš (120)
- Belgrade
- Novi Sad
- Bačka Palanka
- Leskovac
- Kladovo
- Kostolac
- Šabac
- Kruševac
- Kraljevo
- Kragujevac
- Užice
- Velika Plana
- Pirot
- Jagodina
- Novi Pazar
- Zaječar
- Kostolac
- Priština
- Kosovska Mitrovica
Heating systems
- „NIS RNP“ - Pančevo
- „Henkel-Merima“ - Kruševac
- „KPZ Zabela“ - Požarevac
- Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Niš

Heating and ventilation systems automation:

Shopping centres
- „Tempo“
- „DIS“
- „Rodić“ - Serbia and BiH
- „MAXI“ - Serbia and Montenegro
- „Interex“
- „C Market“
- „Delta City“ - Belgrade
- „IMMO Centar“ - Belgrada
- „TUŠ“ - Srbija and BiH
- Shopping mall center - Preševo
- Shopping mall center „Kalča“ - Niš
- „Novi podzemni prolaz“ - Niš
- „City passage“ - Belgrade
- Auto saloon „BMW“ - Belgrade
- Auto house „Čačak“ - Čačak
- „RENAULT“ servis - Niš
- „Autokomerc“ - Niš and Belgrade

  Healt-care, sports and other objects:
- Serbia hospital centre - Belgrade
- Hospital centre Niš - Niš
- Dialysis centre - Leskovac
- Centre for artificial fertilisation
   „Spebo Medical“ - Leskovac
- Health care centre - Kruševac
- Institute „Torlak“ - Beograd
- Sports centre - Vrnjačka Banja
- Sports centre - Foča
- Sports centre „Babe“ - Kosmaj
- Sports centre „Dubočica“ - Leskovac
- Sports centre „Tašmajdan“ - Belgrade

Governmental and cultural

- National Assembly of the
  Republic of Serbia - Belgrade
- National Bank of Serbia - Belgrade
- Montenegro government
  pallace - Podgorica
- University building - Podgorica
- Republic of Tatarstan regional
  office - Moscow
- Interpol - Toskhent
- Monastery „Hilandar“

- „Monte Casa“ - Petrovac
- „Podgorica“ - Podgorica
- „My Place“ - Niš
- „Niški cvet“ - Niš
- „Car“ - Smederevo
- „Ljubović“ - Podgorica
- „San“ - Laktaši BiH
- „Rivijera“ - Petrovac
- „Hungaro Hotel“ - Herceg Novi

  Production and business objects:
- „DIN Fabrika duvana“ - Niš
- „Carnex“ - Vrbas
- „Yuhor“ - Jagodina
- „Somboled“ - Sombor
- „Fabrika akumulatora“ - Sombor
- „Trayal“ - Kruševac
- „Rubin“ - Kruševac
- „Swisslion Takovo” - Vršac
- Pharmaceutical factory
  „Habitfarm“ - Ivanjica
- Brewery „Rodić MB“ - Novi Sad
- „Apatinska pivara“ - Apatin
- „Polimark“ - Zemun
- „Roma company“ - Belgrade
- „Telekom“ - Belgrade
- PC „Knez Mihajlova 30“ - Belgrade
- RDP RTV „B92“ - Beograd
- „ADOC“ - Beograd
- „Dunav osiguranje“ - Niš
- Airport - Niš

Remote control and monitoring systems:

District heating systems:
- Pančevo
- Požarevac
- Bačka Palanka
- Leskovac
- Kladovo
- Čačak
- Šabac
- Niš
- Kruševac
- Belgrade
- Kraljevo

  Heat power plants:
- Heating station „Kotež“ - Pančevo
- Heating station „Sodara“ - Pančevo
- „Gradska toplana“ - Kruševac
- Furnace „Henkel-Merima“ - Kruševac
- Furnace DP Novi Sad - Gas
  „Partizan“ -  Bačka Palanka
- Furnace DP Novi Sad - Gas
  „Čelarevo“ - Čelarevo
- Furnace „KPZ Zabela“ - Požarevac
- Furnace „S17“ - Leskovac
- Faculty of Mechanical engineering
  furnace - Niš

  Business and other objects
- PC Knez Mihajlova 30 - Belgrade
- RDP RTV „B92“ - Belgrade
- „Telekom“ - Belgrade
- Montenegro government
  pallace - Podgorica
- Republic of Tatarstan regional
  office - Moscow
- „DIN Fabrika duvana“ - Niš
- Administrative building
  „NIS RNP“ - Pančevo
- „ADOC“ - Belgrade
- Hotel „Monte Casa“ - Petrovac
- Hotel „Podgorica“ - Podgorica
- Hotel „My Place“ - Niš
- Hotel „Niški cvet“ - Niš
- Hotel „Car“ - Smederevo
- Monastery „Hilandar“
- „Carnex“ - Vrbas
- Pediatric surgery clinic - Niš
- Hospital Novi Pazar
- „Kostić“ diary - Kruševac
- „Milk House“ diary - Niš
- „Radivoje Uvalić“ school - Bačka Palanka
- „Vuk Karadžić“ school - Surdulica
- „Vasa Živković“ school - Pančevo