OEM Program

In order to complete the assortment in district heating automation array, “Feniks BB” made the partnership agreements with the eminent world’s companies in this field.

Partnership agreement about the distribution and service of the ultrasonic heat meters with nominal flows  0,6 - 40 m3/h has been made with French company Actaris - Itron.

Partnership agreement about the distribution and service of the of the new generation of plate heat exchangers with heat capacity 20 - 2000 kW has been made with German company Funke.

These products are used either as the elements for the compact heat substations or as the separately deliverable parts for installation in district heating substations.

Ultrasonic Heat Meters

These devices register radiated heating energy and the mass of the heat transfer medium in heating, cooling and mixed applications. 

Flow measuring is provided by ultrasonic principle. Electronic data processing gives high precision throughout the entire measurement curve, producing a dynamic range exceeding class C. 

Flows can be measured from Qp 0,6 to Qp 60 m3/h (DN15 to DN100) with reliable and stable accuracy. Thanks to a complete portfolio of body variants of every size, the CF ECHO II meters are very flexible in use. 

Plug and play communication boards are available to facilitate the data collection through various systems. For comfort on billing and maintenance purposes a permanent optical communication port gets you all the meter data. 

Useful link: www.itron.com

Heat Exchangers

FUNKE’s special “off-set” system with asymmetrical flow gaps creates highly efficient and cost-effective apparatuses whose performance (depending on design) is up to 17 percent higher compared with conventional plate heat exchangers.

Furthermore, the “FUNKE” brand stands for highest quality standards and customer-oriented solutions.

Funke produces two types of plate heat exchangers: brazed (GPL type) and bolted (FP type). Brazed plate heat exchangers of heat duty from 20 kW to 80 kW are used in residential heat substations, brazed plate heat exchangers of heat duty from 80 kW to 200 kW and bolted plate heat exchangers of heat duty up to 2.000 kW are used in compact heat substations.

Advantages of FUNKE plate heat exchangers

  • Low investment, operation and maintenance costs
  • Highly efficient heat transfer (K-values on average 3-5 times higher than in the case of bare-tube heat exchangers)
  • Asymmetrical flow gap available for the most cost-effective solutions
  • Use of smallest temperature differences ≤ 1 K
  • Up to 75% less space required
  • Self-cleaning effect due to highly turbulent flow behaviour
  • Subsequent capacity adjustment
  • High safety with regard to media mixing
  • Easy to open/clean
  • Low operating weight/low liquid content

More details: www.funke.de


Partnership with Feniks BB company means high-quality and effective control and monitoring solutions, with respect to the end user requirements, current technical normatives and good engineering practice.

Creation of the best possible solutions for the end user, with focus on functional and financial acceptability, is made possible by products, systems and complete solutions from our production lines, with attention to local markets needs and regulations.

Our OEM program is a result of successful cooperations and partnerships with world's leading manufacturers in HVAC&R field, with the goal of completing and widening our product range. Wide selection and sufficient quantities of all products and well-trained service staff are the guarantee of the rock-solid position on the Serbia market.




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